Regatta & Put Your Foot Down

We were fortunate enough recently to have taken our coffee van to the Albert Park Lake Masters Regatta. What a gorgeous setting! What the day taught us though is that there is a big difference between the orders of city people to country people. It seems that city people prefer there coffees in small to medium sized cups as opposed to the preference for medium to large in the country. Also country people like their hot chocolate whereas city people don’t seem to ask for it.

The view we had at the Regatta was beautiful too…

It’s hard to think of it as work when you get to work in such beautiful settings.

Later on we got the opportunity to work the van at the Put Your Foot Down Walk which was a fundraiser for the Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. Celebrity MasterChef George Calombaris made an appearance and I got to make him a macchiato! All up it was a great day, and the sea of purple made for some lovely pictures…

Because these two events were fundraisers, we made a donation from our takings for the day. It’s a great feeling to be able to help out charities and to be able to give back to the community where we can… and we had fun doing it.