The Adventure Begins

What a whirlwind first month it has been as we launched and hit the ground running with our new endeavour- our coffee van, officially known as Coffee Vandal, but affectionately known to my daughter and I as our Slushiest. Having worked in food and beverage service previously, I expected the smell of freshly ground coffee to eventually make me nauseated, but so far that sweet aroma that greets my nostrils as I climb into my van each morning is still homely and comforting, and helps me be calm and tackle the day ahead without stress and anxiety. 

Already our adventures in the coffee van have taken us to beautiful places and allowed us to see some fun an exciting things… Well for my husband and daughter anyway, I always have my back to the action making coffees, teas and hot chocolates to warm the bellies of the crowds who have gathered at the event we are vending at. I don’t mind though, I’m just happy to be working again and even more happy to be doing it with my family. 

Over Easter we were fortunate enough to have our coffee van and the Buchan Rodeo and Gymkhana. This was a wonderful experience for us, it provided us with our first real busy work, gave my five year old an opportunity to be up close with horses and cowboys, and to have her first taste of entrepreneurship by asking customer to “give me your cash” which she then took to the till and tried to work out the change… she didn’t like it when people gave the correct weight and didn’t require change. Although I grew up around horses, it gave me the opportunity to learn how to pronounce ‘rodeo’ properly, and it gave me the opportunity to see my husband in a cowboy hat, something I never thought I’d see lol. 

The highlights of that Easter weekend for me was eating Wuk Wuk beef jerky, happy coffee customers, and to see my daughter enjoy some quality family time with my in-laws who put us up in nearby Lakes Entrance for the weekend so that we didn’t have to travel back to the Latrobe Valley each day. We are excited at the prospect of working these events again next year. 

The adventure continues…