New Products! 

  OMG! So many new products to get excited about! 
Firstly for our tea lovers we have three new specialty blended teas from our friends at Noveltea. Black Vandal is a blend of black tea with apple, cinnamon, and fig. Green Vandal is a blend of green tea with liquorice, cinnamon, and chamomile. Red Vandal is a blend of Rooibos tea with cacao, cinnamon, and lavender. These teas are now stocked in addition to our usual English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Green Tea.

This winter has called for a warm kick, so we have added Chilli Hot Chocolate to our range of hot chocs. Caramel Hot Chocolates have been proving popular of late also. 

We also have Turmeric Lattes that are divinely tasty as well as healthy, with coconut milk. And for diehard green tea lovers, our Matcha Latte is worth a try.

We have been stocking the divinely evil cookies of Big Daddy’s Sweet Treats recently, so we decided to use them to create our new Cookie Shake… For our sweetest of sweettoothes.

We are available for functions, markets, business and home deliveries. Call us on 0447 367 182 or email us at